Selfbondage Technique – Inflatable Airbed

15 June, 2010 (22:26) | Furniture / Equipment, Self Bondage | By: Anything

I just read an interesting post on a self bondage technique that use an inflatable airbed.

I must admit, the idea was fairly new to me and i’ve got to say that i have tried many self bondage methods in my time, but the technique this guy posted on BoundAnna was pretty original.

The method requires an inflatable airbed, one you can get from a shop for around $30-$50. Yes! Those one that can be purchased inside a box and all you have to do is unpack and blow it up.

Check out the settings!

As you can see, several chains are required to overlap the actual air bed both going underneath and over the top to fixed the leather wrist cuffs in position.

These chains are fixed by several water bottles which are filled with water and freezed into ice to fix and secure the chain.

Several spring links are then used to fix the chain underneath the bed onto the other side where the other freezed water bottles are.

According to the plan and settings, it seems like the idea is that you will be restrained on the bed for as long as it takes the ice to melt. The only way you can escape is by waiting patiently until you can remove the chain from inside the bottle.

However, what i really like about this guy’s method is that he puts safety his top priority and this is something very important…especially in self bondage.

If you have a look at the picture below, you will see that on one of the leather cuff, it has a gold chain that is connected to a knife. Now, this knife is used as an emergency get out method and the idea is to use the blade to cut or punch a hole into the airbed in an attempt to deflat it.

This way, that there are enough room for you to unlock the spring link.

Now, if you think this is really safe, then you may be happy to know that on the other wrist cuff, there is another gold chain that connects to the keys to your freedom, the only thing is…they are place in a plastic cup filled with ice water.

Now…why ice water? I have no idea!

If it was me, i’ll simply freeze those set of keys and give myself more time to enjoy the selfbondage.

Other then that, i still reckon the idea ain’t bad…..especially with so many escape mechanisms in place.

Well Done!

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