Penis in a Knot

29 June, 2010 (15:11) | Funny / Jokes | By: Anything

Isn’t technology amazing?

With the help of graphic editing┬áprograms such as the photoshop, we’re now able to create sex images that were never seem possible.

There are all these crazy functions that goes with these programs…like enlarging breasts or penis.

But this picture here my friend….it’s really a good laugh!

Penis Knot

Now…i’m pretty sure this photo was edited by the powerful photoshop or similar software.

If not, i’ll really feel sorry for this guy.

I mean, seriously…a penis in a knot!

A cock tied up in a knot!

How would this guy even go to toilet???

Let alone being strip tease by a hot babe and unable to untie or release itself for pleasure.

Oh boy….It’s got to be one of the most painful torture for any men!

All you dominant ladies out there! If this was something you can do to a man, you’ll do it wouldn’t you?

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