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There are many funny bondage pictures and photos that i enjoy sharing with my blog visitors, as well as BDSM jokes and videos for a good fun laugh!

Toy Story XXX – Mr and Mrs Potato Head Kinky Fun!

7 September, 2011 (17:26)

Sorry kids…this is not for you! Even though Mr and Mrs Potato Head are 2 of the funniest in the hit movie Toy Story, but the action you’re about to witness is not meant for you. In fact, if you happened to stumble upon this page by accident….then please leave before your parents catches you…..or […]

Penis in a Knot

29 June, 2010 (15:11)

Isn’t technology amazing? With the help of graphic editing programs such as the photoshop, we’re now able to create sex images that were never seem possible. There are all these crazy functions that goes with these programs…like enlarging breasts or penis. But this picture here my friend….it’s really a good laugh! Now…i’m pretty sure this photo […]

On Your Birthday

4 June, 2010 (21:07)

Sometimes, you got to be extra careful with the people you hang around with. Obviously…there are always going to be good friends and bad friends. But for someone to do this to you on your birthday….well, this person must hated you so bad! And you obviously have passed out! Had way too much to drink? […]

SM Chocolate

25 April, 2010 (16:28)

Seriously, i don’t know what these people are thinking. I mean…there is nothing wrong with immitating brand names…but if you’re gonna do it…aren’t you gonna put a little focus on it? No disrespect to the chinese and they certainly saved me thousands of dollars throughout the year. But i must say…this is definitely a FAILED […]

Don’t Like Breast Feeding?

30 March, 2010 (21:15)

Being a mother is not easy….in fact, it requires alot of energy and concentration to take care of a new born baby. That’s why alot of the mothers give up on breast feeding because it just takes too much away from them. And yes…everyone knows that breast feeding provides the best nutrients and other neccessary […]

Keeping Your Baby Warm

13 March, 2010 (13:20)

If only my mother knew how to keep a blanket on me while i was young, then i wouldn’t be sick so often. Isn’t this a cute way to make sure your baby doesn’t get cold at night? Just tied him/her up with some rope and let’s see how they can kick their blankets away […]

Milk The Cow

24 February, 2010 (22:11)

Oh my god…this is bloody hilarious! We’ve heard the term “Milk The Cow” alot and whenever we hear this term, we usually expect some big tits being sucked, squeezed or milked. And this is no different….only this time….we’re really milking a cow! See for yourself! Haha! You see what i mean? This girl actually dressed […]

Little Johnny’s Closet

4 February, 2010 (11:56)

Here’s a really funny joke i found here. Are you ready for a good laugh? Good! Here’s how it goes: One day Little Johnny’s mom was cleaning his room. In the closet, she found a bondage S&M magazine.  This was *highly* upsetting to her. She hid the magazine until his father got home. When Little […]

Baby In Tape Bondage

18 January, 2010 (10:45)

Here’s a really cute picture of a baby in tape bondage. He has been taped up against the wall with duct tapes along with possibly his favorite doll….the yellow duck who looks like he hanged himself. This picture is from Giant Bomb. I really enjoyed this photo, but i do have a primary concern about the safety […]