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I like to check out what other people have inside their dungeon as i find this to be a mysterious place into their private world of BDSM.

House Of Two – New Zealand Getaway Home Stay!

7 March, 2011 (18:17)

This is great news for someone like me who wants to go to New Zealand for my next holiday!!! Introducing the House Of Two which features a truly getaway homestay dungeon that’s not only fully equipped with romantic bondage surroundings, but also with a style! When i first saw this advertisement in, i thought […]

Inside The Castle – Torture Chamber!

5 June, 2010 (16:25)

Inside every castle, there is always a dungeon! Inside every dungeon, there is always a torture chamber! So….why do we build such places back in those days. Are human beings simply sadistic in nature, or because back in the days, if you don’t have places or facilities like these to take care of prisoners or people who […]

The Rochester Kink Society

19 April, 2010 (19:04)

Yes…you’re right! This is sort of like a community center in Rochester but is a BDSM themed society. RKS was established back in 1996 by Rick, Horseman, Ariella and Chuck. They all saw a need for a Rochester based network of BDSM and kink oriented people. Up until today, they are still running as a non-profit organization and is growing […]

The Erotic Purple Playground

2 February, 2010 (10:53)

This dungeon is very well designed using one of my favorite color….purple. It gives a very relax, but erotic theme about the whole place. In a sense, you also feel trapped, especially with all those dungeon equipment surrounding the room…..making it an erotic BDSM playground for singles and couples. These pictures are provided by Lusty Liasons. As […]

Velvet Eden Party Dungeon

15 January, 2010 (12:53)

Let’s take a peek inside the Velvet Eden dungeon. A very well supplied dungeon if you ask me. They seem to have all kinds of bondage toys and equipment. This is like a dance area for parties and stuff. Here we have like a private dungeon for those who wants abit of privacy during their […]

Warehouse Dungeon

21 December, 2009 (22:09)

Imaging if you’re the owner of a warehouse and you’re into BDSM. Wouldn’t it be great to turn the warehouse into a dungeon? Of course, i’m not talking about during business hours. You know, with so many equipment, rackings and tools inside, the transformation can be easily done and you will literally be equipped with everything you need […]

The Community Dungeon

19 December, 2009 (23:26)

There is this place down in Dallas, Texas. The place is sort of like a community dungeon. A group of like-minded people who are into Bondage and BDSM collects donations (either in cash form or equipments) to build and maintain this dungeon. Check out some of their photos. They even have a social and resting area for people to […]