Trying to escape from the chain of orgasms

22 December, 2015 (15:58) | Forced Orgasm | By: Anything

This blonde is trying everything that she can to escape from the chain of orgasms.

The problem is she’s really bound up by strong leather strappings and tough chains. There is just no way she could get out of her situation. So the only option in front of her is to endure the waves after waves of orgasmic pleasure to the point where her vagina exploded with squirting orgasm. By the way, did we also mention that she was gagged?

Really sexy video isn’t it? This girl has one of the best body you can imagine for a bondage slave with gorgeous busty tits and a nice shaved pussy. The way she moans is also wonder to the ears and judging from her reaction and the fact that her bodily fluid refused to stay inside her twat, you can immediately understand just how good she is feeling from this forced orgasm experience.


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Japanese milf with big tits tied and dildo fucked

28 January, 2013 (19:26) | Asian Bondage | By: Anything

Lately, i’ve been getting a little bored of looking at those “similar” but perfectly young and sexy japanese AV models that my inner conscious is screaming for something more real, mature and perhaps even experienced. Yes, i’m craving for females who actually enjoys being tied up and fucked, submissive ladies who don’t act like they are in pain with every single trust and yes, i’m talking about middle aged women or milfs!

There is nothing better than watching a hot japanese milf struggling in bondage while getting dildo fuck repeatedly until she cums hard.  She won’t scream so loud as if she’s going to die, but instead will actually enjoy the whole bondage and domination experience because she is doing something she loves. What will make it even better is that the MILF must have big tits, juicy ass and literally a body you can easily jerk off to.

Getting itchy are we?

Click on the PLAY button in the video below and you’ll see what i mean…


Good…now please tell me, did you not just absolutely enjoy that or what?

Hehe, i thought so and the best thing about this jap milf is…she really does have a hot body. Perfect busty tits and her bubble butt…OMG well, let’s just you don’t get to see these very often in asian girls….not japanese anyway (Yes, i find most of them a little too skinny for my taste also…but in saying that i still love them…alot!).

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The Body Bag – Bobbi & Aiden Starr

7 August, 2012 (14:24) | Lesbian Bondage | By: Anything

Whenever the name Bobbi Starr and Aiden Starr comes up, we can automatically assume that there is going to be some intense action.

The only question is…who is going to be the one suffering?

In this case, it’s neither one of them…in fact, the 2 starrs have team up in this very original, yet hot scene featuring a slave in a body bag.

The Body Bag
To me, whoever is in the body bag is not really important. What i’m eager to find out instead is what these two STARRS (known as the toughest mistresses to date) are going to do to the sub that is obviously trapped and running out of oxygen in this body bag.

Find out her fate!

Ok…i’ll give away a little hint. She is one of the hottest porn star in the market and yes, she’s got a sexy slim yet perfect body!

Not to mention her pretty face and that’s all i’m gonna give away…

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Milking Feels So Good!

14 July, 2012 (15:22) | Breast Bondage | By: Anything

There’s nothing else and absolutely no other words that i can use to explain the sensation this hot woman’s feeling with her beautiful breasts being milk from the suction cups.

Milking Feels So Good!

Milking Her Breast

Photo Credit

Like i often explain in my posts, reaction and face expression is everything to me. There is no denying that this sexy babe is having a wondering time with the suction cups that’s sucking every drop of milk from her sensitive nipples. OH BOY….THAT’S HOT!!!

Just looking at that pretty yet horny face, that simple yet attractive hairstyle and those formal yet sexy earrings. Honestly this lady’s got the whole package if you ask me. However, what stands out the most for me obviously is the milking of her breast and judging from how she’s reacting….IT FEELS SO BLOODY GOOD!


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The Custom Kneeling Steel Restraint

25 June, 2012 (14:12) | Furniture / Equipment | By: Anything

The other day i was browsing and noticed a very original, yet custom kneeling steel restraint that will fit absolutely any slave of any size!

Check it out…

Kneeling Restraint Front View

Steel Restraint for Kneeling

As you can see from the 2 pictures above, this is a really strong metal restraint used to keep your naughty slave into the very submissive kneeling position. The best part is….it is custom built, so the seller will hand build this secure device according to your sub’s arm, legs, body and neck’s length and sizes.

In case you’re wondering, this is not a bdsm porn site or adult shop of any kind. In fact, i’ve only stumbled onto this site recently by accident but the amount of custom products are quite amazing. It’s sort of like an online flea market where they sell many custome made items including jewellery, crafts, kid’s toys to pillows, chairs, spoons to other household items. It’s really a wonderful place to shop for anything that is custom built!

And that sort of explains how the seller got his custom bondage goods onto this site in the first place. For only $300, i honestly think this is a very good deal, especially when everything can be adjusted to suit you. So…yes, i highly recommended and the seller teaches you how to take proper measurements as well.

Here’s the direct link of this item.


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Kinky Nurses Proved Too Much For Hospital

8 May, 2012 (01:35) | Outdoor / Public | By: Anything


Just when you thought hospitals are always short on staff, you suddenly see a bunch of nurses having a kinky celebration on one of the hospital grounds.

It proved too much for the hospital to handle…

Nurse tied to chair and humiliated

A nurse was tied to a chair and humiliated by her colleagues as a bucket of shit was poured onto her for everyone to see. These kinky nurses certainly knows how humiliation works and the fact that it was happened right outside the ward, patients and visitors were able to witness first hand such entertaining event.

The only problem was…..some simply found it too distressing.

Bound nurse with fake scat over her body.

As it turned out, the yuck watery brown scats were fake but that didn’t stop annoying visitors from taking photos and complaining to the hospital administration. According to one woman who was at the scene, she complained that the act was too disrespectful to other sick and ill patients in the hospital and the fact that most nurses were there having fun abusing a staff member, who were looking after the patients?

I must admit…..i truly agreed with her.  I mean, if you are going to put up such a show… it inside where others can’t see. Show some respect! Of course, that will completely destroy the humiliation aspect of the kinky act. Then why the hell are you playing with shit? Scat? Whether they are real shit or not…..there are many sick patients and such disgusting visuals can not only anger them, but cause them to vomit.

Why not play with other stuff?

I’m sure there are tons of tools or what we call medical toys inside the hospital….WHY PLAY WITH SHIT???

Also, if you are doing this outside at least have the decency to dress in something sexy. I’m not saying you should be nude showing a boob or two, but at least dress like a proper nurse if you plan on being kinky. Seriously, that boring blue uniform really doesn’t do it for me if not, completely destroyed my nurse fantasy….


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The Candle Fire Release Method

15 April, 2012 (01:16) | Self Bondage | By: Anything

For all those self bondage enthusiast out there who are looking for new ways to “PLAY” with themselves, you may be happy to know that i recently found a sketch picture of a candle fire release method that will surely get you excited.

I didn’t draw this myself and i certainly can’t remember where i got this drawing from. I was going through my hard drive today and this image suddenly came up, so i thought it will be nice to share some of my collection….hehe!

Check it out!

Candle Fire Release Method

As you can probably see, a blonde female have stripped herself naked…ok, well topless, gagged and chained herself into a hogtie bondage position inside her bedroom. Now, how the hell do i know that it’s a blonde girl? Well….i must admit the credit goes to the creator of this artwork. I mean seriously, she isn’t exactly brunette, right?

Regardless, whoever done this have done an amazing job! Just look at those cleavage…don’t you just want to suck on them? I know i do….but that’s not what we’re talking about here today. We are here to analyze her selfbondage escape technique and i called it the Candle Fire Release Method!

Obviously, before this woman restraint and place the final lock on herself, she must have everything setup and ready. First, she will need the following tools and gadgets:

  1. Long String
  2. Candle
  3. Lighter
  4. 2 sets of Hooks
  5. Candle Holder
  6. Scissors

First, a set of hook must be drilled directly above the bed or the position which you are planning to stay bound during this act. Then fix the other hook into the candle holder as indicated in the drawing. Use one end of the string to attach the set of keys which will be used to unlock and free yourself, and placed them over the ceiling hook. The other end of the string will be put through a hole in the candle holder and attach it to the hook within.

Make sure the holder is firmly sitting on a table, bench or something similar and that it won’t slide off. Then take the candle, place it in the middle of the holder, measure where the line of string sits and draw a line onto the body of the candle. Now, use the scissors blade to cut the candle (where to line is) to approx. 1/3 in to make a gap. Light up the candle using the lighter and drop a few wax onto the center of the holder where you’re about the fix and candle. Before the wax cools off and drys, place the candle into position and slide the string into the gap that you had just cutted.

Blow off and candle for now to extend your session. Get your bondage gear ready, go to the toilet, stretch your legs or whatever. Before you lock yourself in, you must spark up the candle because this will start off the release mechanism. Once you’re restrained, the fire or flame will slowly melt down the candle and assuming that everything was setup properly, by the time the flames reached the string, it will burn and break it apart releasing the keys you had above you.

Now….Is this Method Safe???

Like any types of self bondage, there are really no safe ways of doing it! That’s why i always recommend a bondage partner over anything else. But of course not everyone is so lucky and if you really do insist, then you should always have a back up plan in case something does goes wrong. As for this particular method, i would definitely keep all the windows close to ensure that no wind can blow off the candle flame.

Another importantly point i must mention would be the material used for the candle holder. If you have a look at the drawing again (No, not the blonde chic), you can almost say that it is made out of wood. Now, i’m very against that and especially when you’re playing with FIRE!!! Imagine if the candle felt and light up the wood……it can easily spark up a fire in the bedroom and trust me, it will be a very painful way to die.

So, like i said earlier….PLEASE ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP PLAN!!!

Whether that will be an extra set of keys, scissors by your side or simple telling a trustworthy friend before hand……you MUST have a back up plan to get out! Otherwise, please don’t do it at all because without one… are simply playing with your own life, so please BE SAFE!!!


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Let this be a Warning to Role Playing Bondage Couples!

1 March, 2012 (03:05) | News | By: Anything

If you think consensual bondage won’t get you into trouble…Please Think Again!

According to an article published by the Daily Mail, this is exactly what happened to this bondage couple who were trying to play out their kinky fantasies.

Arrested bondage couple in Portland

The only problem was…..someone in the public saw them, so they contacted police.

So what really happened?

According to the police report, a witness saw a lady (Stephanie Pelzner, 26) tied up naked with duct tape around her mouth while being thrown into the back of the car by a male (Nikolas Harber, 31). Based on her natural instinct, she thought the girl was being kidnapped and therefore contacted police fearing for the young lady’s life.

Woman bound inside a car

The police arrived later only to find out that the couples were only playing a bondage fantasy game. However, despite their plea….they were both arrested and taken back to the Portland Police station where they were later charged with misconduct and sentenced to 15 hours of community service.

The fact that this happened on a valentine’s day certainly didn’t helped the couples and the news ended up spreading like wild fire making headline news in several national and local newspapers. But then, if you really think about it….BDSM often involves discipline and humiliation and in this case, these lovers certainly got both….hehe!

So, what does this story teach us?

Never do bondage again?? Well….no, i believe there is nothing wrong with people living out their fantasies….but the reality is, this type of act can easily be misinterpreted in the public eyes, so if anyone is going to do role playing bondage fantasies…..please do it in a private area, in your privacy and away from the public. Otherwise, chances are people are going to call police the moment they see ropes, handcuffs and duct tapes involved!

So….let this be a warning to any bondage couples!


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Which Asian Girl is having the most FUN in this scene?

21 February, 2012 (22:35) | Asian Bondage | By: Anything

When i first saw this scene, i asked myself…which one of these asian girls is having the most fun?

Who is having the most fun?

At first, i thought it must be the asian mistress who is controlling the whole bondage scene…

I mean, just look at that evil face…..full of joy, laughter and kinky ideas! Even though she’s got her hands full from fingering her suspended slave pets, you can almost tell that she’s having the time of her life! Or is she…?

Then, i started to focus on the cute asian girls next to each of her violating fingers , the way they are tied up with their legs spread wide and arms behind back. There is literally nothing they can do to avoid an explosive orgasm! They simply must accept whatever this tattoo dominatrix is giving them!

Being a submissive like myself, i started to fantasize myself in their situation (Like i normally do…hehe!) and that’s when i realize that these suspended asian girls may in fact be having more fun than the actual dominant woman in the middle of the whole scene.

From there on, i started wondering…..who in this scene is indeed having the MOST FUN??

To be honest, i really don’t know the answer to this fairly stupid question.

Is there anyone out there who can help me out??


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